Live a Little

A sunny day. A friendly smile. Your perfect playlist.

It’s the little things in life that matter, and Poquito is all about celebrating them - lightly sparkling, refreshingly fruity wine in a small bottle. Just pop the top and live a little…

Lightly sparkling, fruity and uplifting, Poquito is small in size but big on taste. Delicate floral aromas combine with a sweet yet refreshing palate of ripe peaches, pears and apricots. Enjoy Poquito chilled as an apéritif, or if you’re feeling creative, mix with ice, lime, mint and a dash of rum to make a deliciously zesty Poquito Mojito.

Poquito is made in the sun-kissed coastal region of Valencia, Spain, but here’s a little secret…our ‘Spanish’ winemaker is actually a Scotsman, known in the bodegas as “El Escocés Volante” (The Flying Scotsman). Norrel is the only Master of Wine based in Spain, and he works hand in hand with local winemakers who specialise in producing the very best Moscato wines.

Poquito Image