All in Good Time

Drawing on centuries of winemaking history, our wines are crafted in the rural heartlands of Spain where rugged landscapes, ancient soils, and ideal climate provide the perfect conditions for growing vines. Our local winemakers are experts in harnessing the natural advantages of these conditions to produce bold, rich and expressive wines with a uniquely Spanish character.

Our grapes are selected by local winemakers from the outstanding vineyards of Calatayud, Valdepeñas and Valencia. Fermentation, blending, and maturation of the wines is under the guidance and protocols set by our consultant winemaker Norrel Robertson, MW. In the Spanish tradition, Anciano wines spend time in oak barrels to add complexity and character.

Our oak aged Tempranillo wines come from Bodegas Navalon which is surrounded by the ancient vineyards of Valdepeñas in the rural heart of Spain. The bodega has been the passion of the same local family for several generations. Our clasico Garnacha wine is from the Mediterranean coast, near Valencia. Our Old Vines Garnacha expresses the dramatic terroir of Calatayud, in the northeastern region of Aragon.

Each region has its special characteristics and the various soils define the unique character of each of the wines: The name Valdepeñas (Valley of Stones) refers to the special soil, strewn with pebbles and larger stones which soak up the sun’s rays during the day and release their heat under the Tempranillo vines at night. Gnarly old Garnacha vines in Calatayud have deep roots to extract water from layers of chalk and clay during the intense summer heat. The land is very different in Terres dels Alforins, a fertile valley in the south west of the province of Valencia and is called the “Valencian Tuscany”. Here the young Garnacha vines ripen beautifully.

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